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T-shirt and Dystopian Beats 12" colored vinyl bundle

350,00 kr

Harder, faster and angier than ever but never losing touch with melody. Tear Them Down is back with a new full length album.

Limited edition vinyl + limited edition T-shirt. We make you an offer you can't refuse.

Dystopian Beats comes with a high quality prined inner sleeve and a separate lyrics sheet. The color edition on a blur transparant vinyl with black streaks.

350SEK ~ 35$/35 Euro

Track list
01. Save Your Last Breath
02. Sacrifice
03.. Demons in Disguise
04. Total Control
05. As We Go Down
06. Brown bag
07. This Won't End Well
08. Kyoto Nightmare
09. Victimized
10. Wasting
11. Tell me Something
12. Bridges Burn
13. Thrill of Death